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It’s Not About the Weight

Thank God. End of blog. Let’s get some guac and chips.

Truly… but I’ll elaborate, because this is so important. Our society in general is very focused on appearance, especially weight. Nothing new, right? We’ve all witnessed magazines showcase “Three Weeks to Shredded Abs,” gyms promote “Long and Lean” programs (I’ve regretfully been a part of these in the past), and health practitioners telling patients on the regular “You just need to lose weight” as if weight loss and the “perfect” body are the answers to happiness and health. It’s so tempting—I still fall into this trap. But it’s not true, and it leaves many of us feeling defeated and unworthy.

Let’s think about the individual who is told that if they just lost some weight, their blood sugar would be better. If we step back and ask, “What is the root cause? What is causing the blood sugar to be out of balance?,” we may find that the person is under a lot of stress at work and isn’t sleeping well. This low energy is effecting the food choices their making, opting for more convenient processed foods. And exercise? Who has energy for that? Stress, sleep, food, and exercise all have an impact on blood sugar balance and not one of them is about weight loss. Yes, all of those things can impact weight, of course, but weight isn’t the issue. Rather, those daily actions have added up to create an environment that is favorable for imbalanced blood sugars. Therefore, we bring blood sugar back into balance by addressing those factors in a realistic and sustainable way that is tailored to the individual and their current circumstances.

Now, what if you have the goal to lose weight? That’s cool AND I have your best interest at heart, so let’s dive deeper. Let’s say you want to lose weight because it would allow you to more easily play with your children or grandchildren. Great, let’s look at the root cause. What daily actions can build strength, increase mobility, and reduce inflammation, because that’s what we’re really looking at here? What can we do to fully nourish your body? Yep, you got it. Not about the weight.

Or what if you want to lose weight, because then you’ll have the confidence to go for your dream job, or buy those beautiful clothes, or find a significant other that treats you well. I get it—it’s so ingrained in our heads that our appearance is the golden ticket to happiness. Thankfully, it’s not true no matter how many times we are bombarded with that message. You’re so much more than a number or a shape. By all means, please work on daily actions that nourish you mentally, physically, and emotionally, AND please apply for (or create) that dream job, buy those beautiful clothes, surround yourself with loving people, and do what brings you joy. You deserve and are worthy of all of those things right now. No weight loss required.

When we act in a way that nourishes our body, mind, and soul, we will be at a weight that is healthy for us, and that can and will look different for everyone.

I’d love to hear from you. Please comment below or send me an email with your biggest takeaway from this post. What did you find helpful? What would you like to read more about? Also, if you’d like to work with me on how to best nourish your body and build a healthy relationship with food, please send me an email or DM on social media.

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With love, Steph

P.S. Here are some additional resources that I’ve found helpful for building a positive relationship with food:

Geneen Roth, multiple books on mindful eating

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