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Exercise Video: Chest Openers + Back Strengthener (Follow along)

Do you experience tension headaches, numbness or tingling in your shoulders or arms, or tightness in your upper back, neck, shoulders, or chest (the non-heart attack kind)? If so, then it could be due to an upper body muscular/postural imbalance. It’s pretty common, especially since so many of us are seated throughout the day with our shoulders rounded and arms in front of us typing on a keyboard or driving a vehicle. Fortunately, there’s an exercise* for that—three in fact—that will stretch and open your chest, strengthen your upper back, and bring proper alignment to your body. Grab a foam roller if you have one, press play, and I’ll meet you on the mat (or carpet).

Did you find these exercises helpful? Would you like to see more videos from me? If so, please comment below. I want to know how I can best serve you. Also, if you thought this video was helpful or know someone who would enjoy it, please like it and share it.

With love, Steph

*As always, consult with your doctor before starting any exercise program.

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